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Booklets and Brochures:
- -; Glastonbury Tor, (National Trust)
- -; Glastonbury, Maker of Legends, (1982)
Ashton, G.: The Realm of Arthur, (1974)
Barber, Chris: Arthurian Caerleon, (1996)
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Reise in ein Sagenland: König Artus, (ZDF 1992) This book is in German
The Strange case of the Glastonbury Legends, (BBC 1993)
Arthur, Myth and Reality, (VHS Castle 1993),
Arthur, Myth and Reality, (DVD Castle 1993)
Excalibur; the Search for Arthur I & II, (VHS, BBC 1995)

Excalibur; the Search for Arthur I & II, (DVD, BBC 1995)
The Search for the Holy Grail, (BBC 1998)
Arthur, King of the Britons, (BBC 2002)

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